Safari – Find extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari Wed, 02 Mar 2016 15:39:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Apple Solves Web Stability Issues with Safari 5.1.5 Mon, 02 Apr 2012 12:32:50 +0000 With the release of the Safari 5.1.5 web browser, internet users who are running Safari on the recently updated 32-bit mode, can heave sighs of relief from serious website usability bugs. Safari 5.1.5 was updated to fix these bugs, and other stability problems. Safari, which is one of the most used mobile and desktop web browsers, was developed and released by Apple Inc. on April 7, 2003, to run as a public beta on Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. Safari was to become the default browser of the company, with the first version released on June 11, 2007, to support Windows XP, Windows 7, and Vista. It was hailed by many internet users as the most innovative web browser for Mac and PC users. Safari’s exciting features offer great browsing experience to 62.71% of mobile web browsers and 5.43 % of desktop web browsers.
Apple Inc. has released many versions of Safari, since after its first release, to address various web stability issues. These versions include the following: Safari 5.1.1, Safari 5.1.2, Safari 5.1.3, Safari 5.1.4, and Safari 5.1.5. Safari 5 (Safari 5.1.5) is the latest release of Apple’s Safari browser versions. It was released on March 26, 2012, barely 2 weeks after the release of Safari 5.1.4.

Safari 5.1.5 was released to take care of web stability issues experienced by users of this Apple’s web browser. A 64-bit code was used by Apple Inc. to run its Safari web programs hence; all its hardware and software support were designed to help Safari users to run the program on this code. It was not long before compatibility issues came up, including issues of support for older plug-ins. This led to Apple’s launch of the 32-bit binary code, to help Safari users overcome earlier problems. However, users running Safari on the 32-bit mode began to experience problems, while trying to run some websites. There were also issues of update failures.

With the release of Safari 5.1.5, users running Windows and Mac OS X 10.6.8 will experience some stability fixes and bug-free browsing. The Safari 5.1.5 version requires Windows XP SP2 and later versions to install it. For Mac users, installing Safari 5.1.5 requires OS X 10.7.3, OS X 10.6.8 or any later version. This version of Safari is between 38MB and 48MB and can be downloaded either from the Safari website or via software update.

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Beyond Firefox and Chrome: The Top 5 Safari Extensions Fri, 30 Mar 2012 08:49:27 +0000 In order to make your browsing experience on the web extraordinarily exciting, there are top 5 Safari extensions that are vital for every person using safari as his or her web browser. With its five versions, which include Safari 5.1.1, Safari 5.1.2, Safari 5.1.3, Safari 5.1.4 and Safari 5.1.5, Apple’s safari web browser stands as the world’s most innovative internet browser, especially for surfers using windows PC versions and Mac versions. Apple released these Safari versions to correct emerging bug and stability issues experienced by Safari users. Safari came with exciting features and capabilities, including smart address bar, a clever reader feature to the platform, and speed.
To give its users an edge, Apple needed to go beyond what the kings of Add-ons like Firefox and Chrome had offered before the release of Safari. For example, Firefox came with features that could allow its users to customize both their browsing experiences and their web browser. Chrome also came with lots of exciting extensions. In order to get an edge, Safari needed to be more than just smart, speedy browsing. Sooner than later, Apple Inc. uncorked its Safari extension capabilities from the reader, the procrastinator, translation tools, the baseball toolbars, to an unending list of extensions.

The safari extensions give users an uncommon opportunity to enrich their browsing experiences with exciting customization capabilities. Even if you are not social media savvy, there are top 5 safari extensions you need to have. These top 5 Safari extensions are basic for every browser to get the best out of the Safari browser. These Top 5 Safari extensions include the following:

  1. Duplicate tab Button
  2. GToolbar
  3. KeySearch
  4. ResizeMe 1.0 and
  5. Mindful Browsing

The functions of these 5 extensions make them stand out as the top 5 safari extensions. They serve as basic browsing tools for web users running things on Safari web browser. For example, the duplicate tab button duplicates and opens your current, active browsing tab into a new window. The GToolbar helps you to navigate to any of Google’s tools and sites. The KeySearch extension saves your search time experienced when using Google search. While the ResizeMe 1.0 extension helps you to resize your browsing tab anyway you want it, the Mindful Browsing serves as a reminder. It does this by blocking sites that distract your attention while working on the internet.

By opening its doors for developers to create these top 5 Safari extensions, Apple Inc. has given an edge to users of its Safari web browser. These extensions also come with lots of advancements over what Firefox and Chrome can offer.

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