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Understanding How Webhosting Works

When web users browse the Internet, they send requests for information to the servers that host content. When these requests are received, the web server returns the information in question. While some large websites choose to employ servers of their own, most webmasters instead rent webspace from a webhost company. This service allots a particular amount of room on the server to the webmaster, who can in turn upload the various elements of his site to the server.

Choose a Webhosting Package

When looking for a webhosting solution, there are many different variables would-be webmasters need to take into consideration. One of these variables is bandwidth restrictions. As visitors request information, the data returned is sometimes subjected to what is known as a bandwidth limitation. This means that when a particular data amount has been surpassed, the site will no longer be accessible. Unlimited bandwidth is often the best solution to circumvent such issues.

Uptime guarantees are also important, as these ensure the webmaster that the server will remain active and usable. Some servers are notoriously difficult to work with, simply because they go down frequently, rendering the sites stored on them unable to be accessed. An uptime guarantee is a good way to ensure this issue does not occur.

Finally, price is an important factor in choosing a webhosting package. Webhosting can vary greatly in price, so it is important to find a company that balances the cost of hosting with the features provided by the service. The company ixwebhosting is one such example, offering customers a decent hosting price for a large assortment of varied services. By choosing such a host, webmasters can be certain their sites will be reliable and remain accessible without spending a small fortune each month on hosting fees.

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How to rank at Google http://www.extensionsmirror.nl/www/how-to-rank-at-google/ http://www.extensionsmirror.nl/www/how-to-rank-at-google/#respond Thu, 13 Sep 2012 12:35:25 +0000 http://oneclick.i.biz/instances/www.extensionsmirror.nl/?p=75 Believe it or not but Google is a complex machine that can be a tough egg to crack, but if you create a website that Google loves, you can soon find that you will be ranking great in no time. With high rankings, this can lead to unlimited traffic, high conversion rates and maybe even a potential early retirement. Before you get excited, though, there are some things that you should know about to successfully rate on this popular search engine:

Backlinks are Very Important – Focus on Quality


Google Serach Engine

Google Serach Engine

Backlinks are the backbone of search engine optimization. Without links coming from other websites, Google has a hard time determining if your website is a quality website or not. You could have the best website in the world but if no one knows about it or links to it, Google won’t either.

Now with backlinks, there are a few things to keep in mind. Don’t just set out and get a 10.000 backlink package. These will just turn out to be junk that can potentially harm your website. Instead, focus on getting quality links. These links should come from authoritative websites that can potentially send you lots of traffic. So it’s best to have one link from a popular newspaper rather than 10.000 links from junk. The amount and qualtity of backlinks results in the Google Pagerank of your site. You can check your Pageank here.

Try to Learn About Basic SEO

Many assume that Google frowns upon SEOs. This isn’t the case. As long as you’re playing by the rules, Google will reward your website. With that being said, it’s best to know the basics of SEO. This includes learning about editing your META title and description tags, your website hierarchy, using the right keywords and creating unique pieces. While there’s a lot more to this, keep in mind that there’s a lot that you can do to make your website search engine friendly. Google has a fantastic webmaster guide that you can look up to get started with this.

Build Quality – The Results will Follow

So many webmasters make the mistake of trying to set out and getting the most backlinks possible. You have to realize that it isn’t a numbers game; it’s a quality game. By building a great site that people actually want to use, you will quickly find that people want to link out to you. Think about it for a second. Think of the websites that you visit on everyday. What makes them great? Why do you keep coming back? Try to implement those strategies into your own website. If you focus on quality first, the rankings will follow!

As long as you focus on the user and use basic SEO strategies on your website, there’s no reason Google won’t love you. As long as a demand is there for the niche, Google can be an extremely powerful marketing tool that can drive thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

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