Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome extensions

There are so many Chrome extensions to choose from that it would take hours to find the best tool to cut our surfing time in half. Fortunately, there are individuals kind enough to go out of their way to recommend the most innovative and useful Chrome extensions available for the browser. These are just the basic Chrome extensions available to make your life easier in just a few moments.

Cloud Save

This extension lets you save content from any webpage to a cloud storage service by accessing the extension from the context menu. This saves time by uploading the file immediately and disk space by eliminating unwanted local duplicates.


TabCloud saves your opened tabs to the cloud so they can be accessed on other computers with the Chrome extension installed. You can save the tabs using on a single configuration or create a collection to organize tabs based on a theme.


You can save important notes within the browser with this extension. There is no need to open a notepad program only to misplace the file and to add to the clutter. Notes can also be synced to the cloud with a social network account.


This long running extension saves browser bookmarks across multiple computers with an account and can be imported into any browser with the browser-specific plugin. A must-have extension for those switching to their preferred browser.


Context lets you organize dozens of installed Chrome extensions for certain occasions such as Work and Shopping. This eliminates having to enable and disable extensions at a time and makes sure they’re enabled the next time they’re needed.


Here is another cross-browser extension, but with a love-hate gathering between users and web publishers. AdBlock blocks known ad networks and even flash animation to provide an uninterrupted browsing experience. It can also be customized to unblock ads from specific sites, and much more. URL Shortener

URL Shorteners can not only save time and headaches for everyone, but it can be a stress reliever by pulling innocent pranks on friends sharing unpredictable media links! The Chrome extension does just that. Simply copy a URL–small or long–and paste it into the shortener and share it on your favorite social network service.

If you’re making the switch from another browser, it is not too late to do so. The Chrome browser has changed so much over the years where it seemed impossible to customize. This is just the very beginning of the selection of recommended Chrome extensions to choose from.