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Firefox is one of the fastest and most secure web browsers out today. You can extend its functionality with Firefox extensions; these are helpful add-ons that do anything from increasing productivity to enhancing entertainment value. A few of these extensions may be new to you — in fact, some you may find a need for while others you may never find useful for you.

First, let’s start with some that will increase your security while browsing online. This is a favorite of Firefox users to ensure online safety. This Firefox extension is called NoScript and can be found at the Firefox extensions website. This add-on blocks all scripts from running, which are what hackers use to get into your computer. The only down side to using this add-on is it will affect the functionality of some websites. Fortunately, with a few simple clicks you can add sites that you need to the safe list, allowing scripts to run on that page. Install this Firefox extension to give yourself peace of mind that you will not be a victim of a hacker.

There are also some really unique Firefox extensions that actually allow you to assign mouse gestures to actions. Imagine drawing a backwards arrow with your mouse to go back. With extensions such as FireGestures you can do just that and a lot more.

For those of you that like to keep their web presence to a minimum there are Firefox extensions for using proxies. A proxy is another computer that allows you to route your web traffic through it. This allows you to hide your actual IP address. Proxy List is a new Firefox extension that does just that. It will download a proxy list for you and set it in your connection settings. All with just a few clicks right from your Firefox web browser.

If you use the Firefox web browser and have not checked out the wide range of Firefox extensions, you are missing out on a lot of functionality and fun. With Firefox extensions installed on your browser, you can do anything from customizing the look of your browser to completely modifying your web browsing experience.