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The internet is changing every day, and so are Opera extensions. Everyone always wants to know what the latest and greatest Opera extensions are, because there’s always some hot new extension that makes your browsing experience better. Here’s some of the newest and best Opera extensions.

Snap Links

Snap Links is an extension that allows you to drag a selection box with your mouse and open all the selected links at once. It’s a great little time saver that you will use more often than you’d think.

Download Helper

Do you use sites like Rapidshare a lot? If so, Download Helper will be like an angel from heaven. It can bypass the wait times, and automate starting the download. An amazing extension for people who use these sites a lot. This is an oldie but a goodie.


NotScripts works just like NoScript for Firefox. It lets you block javascripts from running on a page until you allow them. This stops a lot of annoying things, like some viruses, ads, pop ups, etc. A must for anyone who wants to have control over their browser. Another older but still good extension.


This extension will add a button that shows if a web page has already been linked on Reddit, and show a comment number if so. Useful for Reddit addicts.


BugMeNot is a service that shares login info for webpages that want you to log in before you can do anything. This can save a lot of time for websites where a personal account isn’t important and you just need to quickly log in to get what you want. The extension will add a button you can click to pop up a BugMeNot box with a list of logins available for your currently viewed site.

Mini Wikipedia

Mini Wikipedia adds a button that you can click to open a small popup window of wikipedia to search and read without actually having to go to the site. A great timesaver for people who are always looking stuff up.

Hopefully these Opera extensions help you improve your browsing experience. Share your favorite Opera extensions.