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Safari extensions allow users to add new features to the Safari Web browser. The browser was created by Apple Inc. for use on their iOS and MAC OS X operating systems. It is included as a free application and the default browser on Apple computers and iOS devices. Users are also able to download Safari upgrades and updates for free from Apple. The browser was first introduced by Apple in January of 2003 as a public beta.

Safari extensions are built by Apple developers and use current technologies, such as CSS3 and HTML5. Additionally, each extension is digitally signed for extra security. Unlike some other browsers, it is not necessary to restart Safari after installing an extension. One click completes the installation process for Safari extensions. Apple has created a Safari Extensions Gallery where users can browse extensions by a variety of categories until they find the one they want. Productivity, News, Email and Security are examples of some of the available categories.

The Safari extensions that are available not only enhance your browsing experience, but can provide security and entertainment as well. Some of the most popular extensions have a direct productive relationship to popular websites, such as Twitter, Facebook and eBay. Twitter for Safari, Better Facebook and My eBay Manager respectively all provide ways to view information about your account without actually navigating to each website. Some extensions, such as AdBlock, greatly enhance your user experience by completely blocking all advertising. Other extensions perform a simple minute task, such as Comic Sans Be Gone, which replaces Comic Sans MS font with Helvicta on any Web page.

Whether you decide to use newer Safari extensions, such as Pause for Later or Page Rank, or an older Safari extension, such as the New York Times Updates extension, using extensions will only improve your Safari browsing experience.