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The “security and stability” updates included in Opera 11.62 address seven specific browser vulnerabilities found to affect version 11.61. Two of the more serious flaws, deemed “high severity,” allowed hackers to use certain security holes to trick users into downloading and executing potentially malicious code on their computers. To ensure the safest browsing experience, users should regularly check the Opera website to make sure they are running the most recent version.

The software engineers at Opera have been busy ensuring that Opera 11.62 has all of the features users expect in modern browsers. Enhancements such as private browsing, malware detection, fraud warnings, tabbed windows and HTML5 support are all part of the new release. A user-invoked option called Opera Turbo uses dynamic compression and caching to speed browsing on slow connections.

One of Opera’s most appealing characteristics is its support for extensions and widgets. Extensions are code modules designed to supplement the browser’s standard functionality or appearance. Installation involves launching executables that inject additional code into the browser’s original programming. Once installed, users can make tweaks such as changing the browser’s color scheme or enabling YouTube video downloads. Widgets are mini-applications that users can download to their desktops and run as separate programs. Although widgets don’t require Opera to be open in order to run, they do require the browser to be installed on the user’s machine. Opera 11.62 extensions and widgets are available the Opera website.

The developers at Norway-based Opera Software ASA are the brains behind the Opera browser. Since its founding in 1994, the company has relied upon a philosophy of advancing free information access to drive its development efforts. Opera 11.62 runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. The Opera Mini 7 mobile version currently dominates the portable browser market, beating Android by a slim margin.

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Top 5 Firefox Extensions for the home user http://www.extensionsmirror.nl/firefox/extensions/top-5-firefox-extensions-for-the-home-user/ http://www.extensionsmirror.nl/firefox/extensions/top-5-firefox-extensions-for-the-home-user/#respond Mon, 02 Apr 2012 12:09:45 +0000 http://oneclick.i.biz/instances/www.extensionsmirror.nl/?p=43 Firefox is rapidly becoming the most popular web browser, and one of the main reasons for its success is its wide variety of useful addons. Here’s a list of the top 5 Firefox extensions, which you ought to add to your Firefox experience — if you haven’t already!

5. Download Statusbar

Download Statusbar gives you a simple, quickly customizable bar at the bottom of your window to keep track of your files. It’s a great improvement over the default Firefox download manager, and gets rid of that annoying popup window.

4. InstantFox Quick Search

This addon earns a spot as one of the top 5 Firefox extensions by making the address bar double as a search bar for sites ranging from Amazon to Wikipedia, as well as improved autocomplete terms. You can also customize your own search shortcuts.

3. Greasemonkey

Nearly an entity unto itself, Greasemonkey uses customized pieces of Javascript to control the way various websites behave. It’s easy to use and has a large library of scripts to get you started — you can even write your own!

2. Video DownloadHelper

We’ve all wanted to revisit or have a friend watch a video we came across on the web, only to find it’s been taken down or moved. Who knows if you’ll be able to find it again? Nearly the most popular of the top 5 Firefox extensions, Video DownloadHelper lets you save that video to your hard drive with one click. It even supports several different video formats.

1. Adblock Plus

Easily the most popular, it’s hard to understand why Firefox doesn’t come with this, the best of the top 5 Firefox extensions, already installed. It runs unobtrusively in the background, kills popups, stops those irritating video ads, and prevents you from having to see many more.

Hopefully this list of top 5 Firefox extensions will make your browsing easier, and just possibly, more fun. There are many, many others serving almost any function you can imagine, but these deserve to be installed first thing!

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Google Chrome 17 http://www.extensionsmirror.nl/chrome/news-chrome/google-chrome-17/ http://www.extensionsmirror.nl/chrome/news-chrome/google-chrome-17/#respond Sun, 01 Apr 2012 18:00:42 +0000 http://oneclick.i.biz/instances/www.extensionsmirror.nl/?p=37 Chrome 17.0 is the latest version of Google’s web browser. Chrome 17.0 was predated by various other versions of the browser, which was originally released by Google On September 2, 2008 as a beta version. Belonging to one of the worldwide leaders of internet technology, Chrome 17.0 provides one of the most efficient internet experiences, both for casual browsers and technology geeks alike.

Chrome 17.0 aims to be the fastest, simplest, most secure, and most stable web browser on the market. It includes one of the most efficient application performances and the fastest JavaScript processing speed. With Chrome 17.0, Google introduced download scanning protection, which was set to help prevent its users from being tricked into downloading malicious malware. In addition, Google introduced to chrome an “incognito mode,” which prevents the browser from storing a history date or cookies from the websites visited while in said mode.

Google allows its Chrome users to create desktop shortcuts which open Chrome applications in the browser. Google ‘s Chrome Web Store is a directory that includes all of its web applications. Chrome 17.0 is home to over 11,500 extensions, ranging from “The Independent” to “FIFA”. In addition to applications and extensions, Chrome users can also install themes that alter the appearance of the browser itself. Google Chrome also includes a built in language translator, which currently consists of 52 languages, with more promised to be included in the future.

Google Chrome 17.0 is offered on all major operating systems. The supported systems include Windows XP, Vista and 7, Mac OS, and Ubuntu. Early in 2012, Google Chrome overtook Mozilla Firefox as the second most popular web browser, behind only Microsoft’s omnipresent Internet Explorer. Chrome has received almost entirely positive reviews from its users and hopes to use usage data and user surveys to create an even more user-friendly product in the future. If future versions of Google’s internet browser follow the same path of innovation as Chrome 17.0, users of Chrome can expect an even more pleasant internet browsing experience than they have already grown accustomed to.

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Firefox 11 http://www.extensionsmirror.nl/firefox/news/firefox-11/ http://www.extensionsmirror.nl/firefox/news/firefox-11/#respond Sun, 01 Apr 2012 14:53:39 +0000 http://oneclick.i.biz/instances/www.extensionsmirror.nl/?p=33 Firefox 11 is the latest installment in Mozilla’s series of Firefox web browsers. This version promises to make the web even easier to access, as well as to boost your productivity. The Firefox browser evolved out of the first browser made by the Mozilla Foundation, based on the Gecko engine used in some versions of the old Netscape Navigator browser. The browser originally focused on security at a time when the Internet Explorer browser was publicized as having many open security holes that could be taken advantage of. As time has gone on, the browser has expanded in terms of features and versatility.

Firefox 11 was released in 2012 in its final-release format, available for numerous platforms, including PCs running Windows and Linux, and Macintosh computers running MacOS X. Firefox is also now available for iOS and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets.

With a renewed focus on expanding support for synchronization between multiple devices, Firefox 11 allows the user to save bookmarks, install plugins, and configure their settings, and have these personalizations carry over to Firefox on their other devices, such as their work computer, phone or tablet. Firefox 11 sports the ability for even plug-ins to have their settings properly translate to each other machine the user installs Firefox onto. This is extremely convenient, as plug-ins comprise a substantial percentage of many users’ overall user experience.

Improvements have been made to keep the so-called “AwesomeBar” up to expectations. This is likely one of the most favorable features of Firefox 11. If you do not remember the exact name or address of a page you have previously visited, you can just begin typing whatever terms you remember that relate to the page into the address bar, and it will bring up a list of suggestions, sorted in order of relevance. Many users have found this absolutely invaluable.

Firefox 11 is so far proving to be another worthy addition in this browser’s lineage, and it can be strongly recommended to any user.

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